EnviroFILE was started with one aim; to give affiliate supported file sharing the overhaul we were sick of waiting for. You know those hacky and unprofessional filesharing sites, riddled with useless features and drowning in complacency?

We’re not them.

We’re in a continuous state of development, because we know that a successful system is grown organically according to the needs and objectives of the people who use it. Want a feature? Suggest it. Really Want a feature? Pop into the #EnviroFILE channel and discuss it with us.

At EnviroFILE you won’t find misrepresented claims and too good to be true promises, what you will find is just two guys, Ryan and Steve. Between us, we are: conceptualist, designer, developer, owner and operator of EnviroFILE. Our promise is to maintain an intimate and personal relationship with our users, and use the resulting communication channel to improve and extend upon the system.

Get paid for every download…No Exceptions
User friendly and JS ignorant download page
International download support
Incentivized payment structure
Payments on a Net30 basis
10% of revenue donated to environmental organizations
The EnviroFILE system is designed to induce scale and our remuneration structure is no exception.

At the end of the month, your total earnings are determined by the rate of the tier you reached, multiplied by your total number of downloads.

Tier 11 – 499$0.23
Tier 2500 – 1499$0.25
Tier 31500 – 2999$0.28
Tier 43000 – 4999$0.31
Tier 55000 – 7499$0.35
Tier 67500 – 9999$0.40
Tier 710000+$0.45